From the moment we are young as well as bestowed the privilege and power to drive, it is our very responsibility to behave accordingly on the road while driving. Nowadays, with more dangers and distractions compared to the past years, could literally be the last. Promoting a safer and more secured driving environment and impacting change is dependent on every one of us.

Biggest Risks

Whether you’re sitting in traffic or driving car pool for work, we have a lot of distractions surrounding us. From built in voice command systems to hands free as well as talk to text, to dangers of the past such as shaving, makeup, eating or drinking – there is no such way that you will allow anything that can distract you while you are behind the wheel. Unluckily, the futuristic advancement in features and technologies has come at its peak.

When you take your sight off your path even for a second could mean your life and death. This is a harsh and terrifying truth. Not even careful defensive drivers are safe to take off their eyes off the road.

To be a focused driver is a very basic concept however, given the stats, we have a very long way to go.

The cruel truth is that every time we get to drive our own car, a tragic car accident can occur. When you factor in driving with a lot of distractions, the risk of a very bad accident is exponentially higher.

As drivers, we are faced with three options:

  1. Vow to be aware at all times. You encourage your family and friends to do the same.
  2. Pledging or vowing to drive alert is the primary step to safer trips.
  3. Causing a senseless, avoidable event. Worst case scenario; you’ve cost someone their health, life or their loved one’s life. Best case scenario; there’s some costs, stress, hassle and damage.

Do not take the risk of not being attentive while driving. Statistics show that luck is not even in our option. Just vow to drive safely and attentively.

If you or your loved one involved in a tragic car accident, contact an experienced and professional car accident lawyer immediately.

A Colorado Springs accident attorney has the resources and experience needed to battle for the reimbursements you deserve. For sure, insurance companies will be easy to settle yet they will only offer you the lowest probable amount of compensation. In addition to that, an experienced injury lawyer operates on a contingency payment basis where in the lawyer will only get paid when you already receive your reimbursement.

Dangers of Driving During Winter Weather

Driving your car during winter is believed to be the most usual driving hazards following the distance and speed. Despite the type of car or the place where you drive, it is your sole responsibility to be a wise driver and to value one’s life. Not even a four-wheel drive vehicle can withstand the poor visibility and slippery conditions during the winter weather.